140,00 €

Colour: Deep red colour. Nose: The nose opens with fruity notes of blackcurrant and raspberry, then the aromatic intensity increases with more complex notes of spice, wax, leather and coffee....

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Colour: Light pink color. Nose: The citrus notes blend subtly with aromas of strawberry, forming a fresh and delicate bouquet. Palate: The palate is lively, with notes of grapefruit and fresh...

16,00 €

Colour: Clear yellow in colour. Nose: Subtle aromas of white fruits (peach, pear), fern and almond. Palate: The minerality dominates the palate with a lot of freshness. A well-balanced wine....

25,00 €

Colour: Slightly golden yellow with emerald lights. Nose: Complex, with fruity and nutty notes. Palate: Palate marked by a warm harmony combining richness, liveliness and aromatic persistence....

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